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Ephemeris Occulta

Lending perpetual reality to my sentimental fantasy.

Jonathan Francis
11 July 1983
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Brings back too many memories to change, so I won't, but I'm 23 now, for those of us keeping up.


I'm a fluffy pink bunny, and I like to dance CRAZY! Eating staples is fun. But seriously, staples need to be non-metal to be good for eating. Cherry-flavored are the best, but you can only get those at the Quarter... from this guy in a dress. Actually, now I'm not so sure those are staples. They always make me really hyper when I eat them, and if I eat too many, I always have to get my stomach pumped.

Okay, so if you're still with us, then I'm JoVo. I'm a 19-year-old god-among-men here at Tulane University in New Orleans, Luisa. Yes, that is a state. It is MY imaginary state. I have a couple. For instance, I was born in Miami, Flower Pot. A small town on the edge of forever, Miami is the largest city in Flower Pot. New Orleans is not. While Miami is always sunny and blissfully pleasant, when you're not getting shot in the face, New Orleans is always cloudy and excessively humid, when you're not hacking up a lung because of all the contaminants in the air.

The night life in New Orleans is... there. We have many sights in this city. Such as breasts, and the women with penises. The French Quarter is a great place to plot the deaths of millions, since observing the base behavior may often lead to one considering mass murder. One simply must remember that mass murder is very expensive, and simply not as fun when you're not there to hear the screams.

The most important thing living in New Orleans has to offer is OTHER insane people, and of course the friendly "normals," who aren't really normal but only appear to be so.

Well, that's my non-biographical biography. Like a difficult college course, most of that was meant to weed out the unworthy from my journal. My mind is going numb now from all the staples, so I'm going to cease the rambling. LOOK AT THE JOURNAL! BABBAGAH!
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